Why should women see a gynecologist?

 Every woman needs to go for a gynecology consultation, which a gynecologist specialist usually does. These specialists deal with women’s health and possess so much knowledge when it comes to the women’s reproductive organs and the body as a whole. The reproductive system of a woman is complex and is designed so that it refreshes itself every month, incubating a fetus at the same time. One thing that women should know is that their reproductive health continues to change as time goes on. Therefore, you have to consider visiting a professional to check on your health now and then.

Do I need a gynecologist?

Most women think that they do not have to see a gynecologist just because they are feeling okay. However, it pays to have a gynaecologist sydney who you can visit whenever you want to know how your health is. Some people only go to the gynecologist when they are pregnant or have been trying to have a baby for a long time to find out what problem they could be having. It would help if you were informed today that a gynecologist does more than this, and you should look for one for the sake of your health.

Why see a gynecologist?

The following are some of the reasons why women should see a gynecologist regularly:

General gynecological health

As a woman, you should have yearly or biannual gynecologist appointments on your calendar.  This should start when one is a teen since, at this age, young girls get a baseline of gynecological health. The checkups help you learn about the changes you are experiencing in your reproductive organs and the issues that could be of concern. Any evident problem is detected at an early age, which means that the treatment is always successful.

Breasts examination

Most people think that a gynecologist only deals with vaginal concerns only, but women’s breasts are essential parts. Therefore, they offer manual breast exams to check for issues like tissue masses or lumps.

Pain during intercourse

If you experience pain during intercourse, something is wrong. It would help if you visited a gynecologist to find out what is wrong.

Maternal health care

When you discover that you are pregnant, you should visit a gynecologist to monitor your pregnancy. This is to ensure that everything is okay and address any issues.

Pelvic examination

A woman needs to visit a gynecologist for regular pelvic exams. This is to detect any unusual growths or changes that are evident. During these exams, you could also be tested for sexually transmitted infection.

Urinary issues

Urinary issues like pain when urinating and blood in the urine are common among women, but most do not seek medical help. When you encounter these issues, you should see a gynecologist.

Irregular periods 

If you have irregular periods, it is a sign that you have a severe health problem. Therefore, you need to see a gynecologist for an examination.  

Birth control

Some women are sexually active, and they do not wish to be pregnant any time soon. If you are such a woman, you should visit a gynecologist to learn about the best birth control methods and select the best option for you, depending on your health and lifestyle.

Pap smear

The other reason why you should visit your gynecologist is to have a pap smear. This is a gynecological exam that involves testing for cancer or abdominal indicators.


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